Caryn’s Chicken Recipe

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Who is Caryn, and why does her chicken taste so great? The former is hard to say, but the latter is pretty obvious. The secret to Caryn’s chicken is the fresh squeezed orange juice. It makes for a natural and tangy marinade that will turn your chicken dish from just a simple chicken meal to a delicious and refreshing chicken dish. It is amazing in summer months or on hot days, especially in places where oranges grow naturally and are in season.

Health Benefits

Eating chicken for your meal is just about always a healthy decision. Chicken just has a lot of health benefits. It provides the body with protein, minerals, and essential vitamins. It also helps with weight loss, the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure, and assists the body in reducing cancer. The protein content in chicken helps the body build muscle and repair damage to the cells. It is also key to achieving successful weight loss.

Thin out the chicken fillets by hitting them with a tenderizing mallet.
Add the orange juice, green onions, and black pepper into a skillet over medium heat.
Note: Don’t cook over high heat, or the juice will burn and turn bitter.
Poach the chicken in the juice mixture until it is firm and the juices run clear.
Note: This usually takes approximately 10 mins depending on the thickness of the filets.
Place the chicken on a serving plate and pour some of the juice mixture on top.
Serve and enjoy!

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